Midweigh manufacture, service, repair and calibrate dynamic axle weighbridge systems, weighpad systems and all types of industrial weighing machines.

Midweigh has a commitment to achieving the highest level of accuracy to every weighing device we care for, whether it be axle weighbridge, weighpad systems or platform scales. This commitment is driven by the discipline instilled in us due to the many years served in the weighing industry.

To achieve the high levels of accuracy we strive for we have the facility of a purpose built, self-contained test unit containing 10 tonnes of calibrated weights. This allows us to carry out weight calibrations on site.

Weighpad calibrations are carried out in-house using our 15 tonne hydraulic calibration rig. This rig is tested to traceable national standards.

Midweigh Ltd provides turnkey solutions for all your Weighing requirements

Please contact us on 01562 748276 to discuss your Weighing requirements or use our Enquiry form.

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