June 2013 -

Spectrum 825

Midweigh is proud to announce that in conjunction with AWM Ltd, we have taken the state of the art Spectrum 825 instrument and developed it into a superb dynamic weighing indicator packed full of features. It has a full fleet management programme built in and with networking capability makes it a complete solution without the need for expensive add-on software programmes.


Features of Spectrum 825:


IP66 Stainless Steel

8 Digital I/O (4 Input, 4 Output)

3 Serial Ports (RS232/RS422)

64 MB User Memory

10 Option Slots

Up to 8 GB USB Memory Storage

Ethernet Connection (TCP/IP or EIP)

USB Connection (2x USB-A, 1x USB-B)

Optional 8 Programmable I/Os

2 Speedy 32 Bit Coldfire® Processors

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