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Mild Steel Drive-Through Platform Scale

The UK made VWDT drive-through platforms are extra low profile, at only 40mm high, ensuring easy access and minimum floor space requirements. Professional manufacturing and high quality components ensure reliable, accurate and long-lasting weighing performance.

Includes entry and exit ramps, 300mm long to reduce the loading gradient for unstable or low clearance trolleys. Smooth top plate ensures small wheels or casters can be easily accommodated. A durbar top plate is also available to help reduce the risk of slipping if required.

IP67 rated stainless loadcells, a sealed stainless junction box and a tough professional powder-coated finish ensure durability and long lasting performance. To provide portability during cleaning & maintenance, handles are supplied as standard.

Mild steel drive-in scale with built-in ramps, weigh trolleys, pallet trucks
Portable mild steel drive-in scale with built-in ramps and handles
Drive-in scale with ramps built in, weighing trolleys, pallet trucks
Mild steel drive-in scale with built-in ramps and handles for portability
  • Low profile for easy access - only 40mm high
  • Built-in or separate 300mm long ramps
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • UK made to the highest quality standards
  • Tough powder-coated mild steel construction
  • IP67 stainless steel OIML approved loadcells
  • Easy access for trolley, pallet trucks, cages etc
  • Various standard sizes and capacities
  • Custom sizes and capacities available
  • Maximum Capacity: 2,000kg

Mild Steel Drive-Through Scale Models

Model Dimensions Ramp Details
VWDT800/I 800mm x 800mm 2 Built-in 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT1010/I 1000mm x 1000mm 2 Built-in 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT1212/I 1250mm x 1250mm 2 Built-in 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT1515/I 1500mm x 1500mm 2 Built-in 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT800/E 800mm x 800mm 2 Separate 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT1010/E 1000mm x 1000mm 2 Separate 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT1212/E 1250mm x 1250mm 2 Separate 300mm Long Ramps
VWDT1515/E 1500mm x 1500mm 2 Separate 300mm Long Ramps


Capacity Options 100kg, 150kg, 300kg, 600kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg
(Higher capacity options available on request)
Note: Capacities refer to spread load only. No point/centre loading.
Platform Height Approx. 40mm to Weighing Area
Construction Mild steel with smooth top plate
(Durbar/Checker plate optional)
120mm Channel frame with 5mm top plate
Finish Professional tough powder-coated finish
Loadcells 4 off Flintec OIML approved IP67 rated stainless steel loadcells
Cable 5m of high quality cable with steel armoured braiding
Feet Height adjustable stainless steel rubber based mounting feet
Junction Box Stainless steel sealed junction box and summing board