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Weight Indicators

OIML approved weight indicators with various capabilities and prices. Contact Midweigh for your specific weight indicator requirements.

Cardinal 190 Storm

Cardinal 190 Storm weight indicator
IP69K rated and trusted as one of the best fully waterproof weight indicators available. This weight indicator has a tough polycarbonate enclosure that withstands high temperature and high pressure washdown. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Cardinal 225 Navigator

Cardinal 225 Navigator weight indicator
Powerful, multi-functional, IP66 rated premium quality weight indicator with a robust stainless steel housing, QWERTY keypad and a transflective back-lit LCD display that can be viewed in any lighting conditions. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Cardinal 825 Spectrum

Cardinal 825 Spectrum weight indicator
IP66 rated dynamic Weight Indicator, packed full of features. With a full fleet management program built in and with networking capability, it provides a complete solution without the need for expensive add-on software programs. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Baykon BX1

Baykon BX1 Weight Indicator
IP65 rated, trusted and established high quality weight indicator in a stainless steel enclosure with a clear LED display and powerful connectivity options. Ideal choice for basic weighing and for interfacing with any PC or PLC. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Baykon BX21

Baykon BX21 Weight Indicator
Ideal for basic weighing applications. Its capabilities include Time & Date function, Auto tare, Multiple tares or Clear tare and also accumulators for weighing and counting programs. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Baykon BX21S

Baykon BX21S Weight Indicator
With a stainless steel IP66 rated housing, a low cost, high accuracy, general purpose display. With a colour changing display ideal for checkweighing. Further capabilities include parts counting, printing and time and date. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Baykon BX22S

Baykon BX22S Weight Indicator
High quality general purpose indicator with an IP67 stainless steel enclosure. Optional increased lightning protection. Standard modes include general weighing, checkweighing and livestock weighing. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Baykon BX23

Baykon BX23 Weight Indicator
With an IP67 protected stainless steel housing, a highly accurate and powerful weight indicator, perfect for all weighing applications. Provides reliable and accurate performance in wet and harsh conditions. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Baykon BX24S

Baykon BX24S Weight Indicator
High quality indicator, providing reliable and accurate performance, with a robust IP67 stainless steel housing. Multi-functional, ideal for applications including checkweighing and dynamic weighing of moving loads. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS