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Weigh Pads

The VWAP axle weigh pads have long been at the forefront of axle weighing and at only 18mm high are the slimmest, lightest and most portable weigh pads available. A high strength aluminium alloy construction ensures impressive strength and robustness.

The weigh pads have the option of two quick release access ramps or interlocking tracking and are highly portable with carry handles allowing them to be stored and carried to the weighing location when required. All VWAP models feature detachable cables for maximum portability and quick and easy servicing.

The weigh pads are sealed to protect against water and can be used for static or dynamic axle weighing. Standard, large and over-size models are available making the VWAP ideal for weighing all types of vehicles from cars to lorries. Contact Midweigh for your specific weigh pad requirements.

Weigh pads for vehicle weighing
Weigh pad with ramps
Portable wheel and axle weigh pad with carry handles
Wheel and Axle weigh pad with detachable cable
Wheel and Axle weigh pad with ramps
Wheel and Axle weigh pad
Axle weigh pad with tracking
  • Made from the same material as aircrafts for strength and light weight portability
  • Tough and robust construction
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Optional ramps or tracking for easy access
  • Multiple button loadcells for accurate weighing
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Various standard sizes and capacities
  • Custom sizes and capacities available

Weigh pad Models

Model Weighing Area Capacity Ramp Details Pad Weight
VWAP750 360mm x 290mm x 18mm 750kg Optional 6kg
VWAP2 360mm x 290mm x 18mm 2000kg Optional 6kg
VWAP2L 560mm x 460mm x 18mm 2000kg Optional 15kg
VWAP5L 560mm x 460mm x 18mm 5000kg Optional 15kg
VWAP10 715mm x 420mm x 18mm 10000kg 2 as standard 19kg (excl. ramps)
VWAP20 715mm x 420mm x 18mm 20000kg 2 as standard 19kg (excl. ramps)
VWAP20L 900mm x 620mm x 18mm 20000kg 2 as standard 32kg (excl. ramps)
VWAP20+ 715mm x 420mm x 23mm 20000kg 1m Tracking (more optional) 32kg (excl. ramps)

Weigh pad Specifications

Capacity Options 750kg, 2000kg, 5000kg, 10000kg and 20000kg (spread load)
Pad Height 18mm (23mm for VWAP20+)
Construction High Strength Aluminium Alloy with tough grey painted finish
Build Low profile frame with button loadcells spread across the weighing area. Lifting handles as standard
Loadcells Custom designed button loadcells
Cable 10m of high quality cable with armoured steel conduit
Ramps Ramps 120mm long - standard on VWAP10/20 optional on other models. Tracking as standard on VWAP20+ (0.5m per side - additional optional)
Static Accuracy Approx 0.5% FS
Required Excitation Voltage 5 - 24 VDC
Recommended Surface Level Ideally concrete/tarmac or similar
Level to < 5mm within 0 - 4m (static weighing)
Level to < 3mm for twice the vehicle length (dynamic)
All VWAP models feature removable cables with tough steel conduit and robust sealed connectors. The connectors allow the cables to be disconnected from the weigh pads prior to lifting to maximise portability. The connectors are standardised throughout the range to ensure cables can be disconnected and quickly replaced if required