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Lift-Up Drive-In Platform Scale

With a high quality, fully stainless steel construction and IP69K rated loadcells, this Lift-Up Drive-In platform scale complies to GMP and HACCP production standards making it ideal for harsh, wet and sanitary environments where hygienic cleaning is vital.

The OIML approved LUDI platform scale has a premium quality and robust build that makes it ideal for Pharma, food production and cosmetic industries. It is available in dimensions ranging from 850mm to 1500mm and in capacities from 300kg to 3000kg.

A specially designed lifting device supported by a hydraulic cylinder enables a safe and easy 90 degree lift. Once lifted the operator has clear 360 degree access for the deep cleaning required to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.

Stainless steel lift-up drive-in platform weighing scale
Stainless lift-up drive-in platform scale
Lift-up scale allows hygienic cleaning for pharma and food production
Scale allows deep cleaning required to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks
  • Premium quality manufacturing
  • Fully stainless steel washdown construction
  • IP69K rated, OIML approved loadcells
  • Stainless gas assist for effortless lifting
  • Easy access for deep cleaning & maintenance
  • Ultra smooth processed surface for hygiene
  • Supplied with 1 ramp as standard - 300mm long
  • Low Profile - only 45mm High
  • 12 month warranty
  • Various standard sizes and capacities

Lift-Up Drive-In Platform Scale Models

Model Dimensions
LUDI8585 850mm x 850mm
LUDI1010 1000mm x 1000mm
LUDI1212 1250mm x 1000mm
LUDI1512 1500mm x 1250mm
LUDI1515 1500mm x 1500mm


Capacity Options 100kg, 150kg, 300kg,600kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg
Construction 304 grade stainless steel with ultra smooth finish. Seamless frame with 5mm top plate, laminated base and gas assist lifting mechanism
Finish Professional - dirt trap free - ultra smooth processed finish
Loadcells 4 off Flintec OIML approved IP69 rated loadcells
Cable 5m of high quality cable with steel armoured braiding
Feet Stainless Steel mounting feet
Junction Box Stainless steel sealed junction box and summing board
Ramp Supplied with one stainless ramp